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QOTD in a minute...

I am not easily impressed by snow. However. The past 24 hours have made even the most jaded Northeastern say, "whoa." We've been saying other things about it, too, but I won't repeat them.

By way of example, I whipped out the snow penguin. Those who remember the snow giraffe should take a minute of silence in his honor.


This is the penguin on top of the snow in our backyard.


This is the snow penguin pushed into the snow up to my elbow. He could have gone another foot but I didn't want that much snow in my sleeve.

Put another way. This is where I was standing to take the picture:


I am in up to my knees. And, no, I'm not in a drift or where we tossed what we shoveled. This is the average.

Maybe this will give a better idea. This was the crabapple tree in our backyard:


And now let us have a moment of silence for the tree. It was a good tree and I will miss it. 
We are now on Day Two of snow days. Hopefully we will make it through the weekend without burying one of the children in the snow, where he or she will be forced to stay until a thaw.


Have you entered the Sweepstakes yet?


Leaving aside all of the drama about her Evelyn and Evelyn project, about which I personally have little opinion, this quote from Amanda Fucking Palmer is golden:

"as far as people hurling the criticism that i am “hiding behind my art”….(this one has come up several times)

here’s what i consider hiding: producing inoffensive, corporate-penned, vanilla-bean love-story family-friendly made-for-mainstream-radio music that won’t offend a single person. and won’t make anybody laugh, won’t make anybody think, won’t make anybody wonder, won’t make anybody talk, and won’t change anybody’s life.

THAT, my friends, is hiding behind art."


Yeah, it snowed here too, but so far we can still tell which lumps of snow are our cars.

I'm about ready to consider new snow boots as mine are showing their age. "Taller" is definitely on the spec list.

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