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There has been much rejoicing around the house for the day has arrived! Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously is officially on the shelves! Hooray!

In case you wondered what the finished sweater looks like, here it is:


And of me in said sweater:


You will note that you don't see the ends of my arms in this picture. And those who've read the book know why.

In celebration of my book's natal day, I've kicked off a mini-blog tour. First stop is Norma's, where Mr Jefferies put me to the questions.


Also today, I stopped by the Powell's Bookstore blog to talk about why knitters knit.

More TK.*

So any sightings in the wild yet?



* Newspaper jargon for "to come." Newspaper people can't spell.


Woo-hoo! This makes me want to go to the bookstore and look for it. Maybe G and I will go out on a bookhunt.

And hey! Five stars on Amazon. And I haven't even written one yet.

Beautiful pic of you and the sweater. Can't wait to read the book.

Absolutely well done!

Congratulations!! Hopefully I'll be back stateside to catch the next book tour. I miss Powell's... Have so much fun on your 'have book, will travel' events!!
Too much coffee = too many exclamation points. Sorry, but it is exciting.

I got it!! I read the review on Norma's blog this morning and stopped by my local Barnes & Noble, and it was right there on the "New Releases" table. My vacation starts in three days, and I was intending to wait, but the first few pages hooked me. Now it's going to be a struggle not to finish it before vacation even starts!

Thanks so much, y'all! It means a lot.

And, Shannon, thanks for the report on Barnes and Noble. We don't have one here but I'd heard rumors that the book would be up front. Woo!

Great pic! I haven't started the book yet. Trying to finish a scarf I started before Christmas and am now ashamed to still be working on. (nice grammar, what?) Can't wait, though. So sorry we can't jaunt up to see you when you're in Southeastern PA. No dates in NJ? I think there's a nice yarn shop in Cape May.

The report from Seattle: Borders didn't have their act together as of yesterday. They were waiting for five copies to make their way from some warehouse to the Knitting shelf, which, contrary to its claims, is *not* sorted by author's last name.

Barnes and Noble didn't have it on the new releases table, but did have several copies on the shelf. So I used the gift card they gave me when I returned the Spanish-English dictionary I bought that was missing the pages with English words starting with the letters C through F or so. Too bad I didn't discover that until after I arrived in Mexico.

Popped over from Yarnagogo. I was surprised to recognize your book from a visit to B&N in Brooklyn on Saturday. They had it displayed nicely--three facing out; one above the other in slots designed to highlight a book. In the craft section. I'll admit that I did not purchase it, but am mulling it over. Good luck!

I love your book so far. Just started it. I've been longing to read it ever since Brenda Dayne interviewed you months ago on Cast On podcast.

Got it! Ordered the book yesterday for my Kindle (thank you, thank you for having it available on Kindle) and have finished it. I loved the book and love Alice Starmore's designs having bought most of her books as they came out and thus avoided the horrendous cost of ebay auctions. I have made two of Alice's designs from "other" yarns and love them, and have Rona in process (because that's my name) from the "real" yarns, but it has been in process for ten years as I have an error in the last row I was working on and put the sweater in time out. It just hasn't make it out of time out yet. Maybe your book will jump start it. Thanks for the lovely read!

I got a copy of this from the Amazon Vine program and I am halfway through, totally loving it, great book!

I've spent all my reading time this weekend with your book. It's a great read! As someone who had to throw away their first attempt at a sweater (it was so bad I couldn't even frog it) I stand in awe of the Mary Tudor and you for having the fortitude to finish it. I'm hoping you'll get to the Washington DC area for one of your signings.

Just found out the book is out -- congrats! And gorgeous sweater!

I'm reading it now on my iTouch (Kindle app!). You're making me want to knit more!

On page 85 and loving it. As a knitting fan, my husband says he is reading it next.

Just finished your new book and can't wait to tell my wacky knitting friends about this terrific new read! When I first started to read the book, I was also watching The Tudors from Netflix. My whole world seems to be revolving around those ancient Brits! I immediately ordered the book from Amazon and found the VHS tape on Ebay. Your sweater is beautiful -- Congratulations on both.

I'm about 4/5ths of the way through your book and am enjoying it very much. I was wondering if you were wearing the sweater in the picture of you in the book. Great job with both -- the sweater and the book.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up your book, but I was so pleasantly surprised to find it educational, interesting, informative, and most of all, funny! Congrats to you on finishing the sweater and the book! And thank you for the hard work, I learned quite a bit from it. (Not that I plan on knitting a SWNBN sweater anytime in my life.)

Thanks to all of y'all! Happy that my book could make so many of you,well, happy.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BOOK! And the sweater but I can't see myself EVER making a Starmore Fair Isle. Many, many thanks for the book. You make me want to knit AND read even more than I already do. If only I had more time..... Please keep writing. Hillbilly Gothic is next on my list.

just bought your extreamly funny book! I had to put down Dragonfly in Amber to start yours by the way....

I love this sweater and the Tutor Roses book so much! I had to stop by and say congrats on finishing the sweater and the book!

I could have let you borrow the book, we are almost neighbors! (Oh yeah, I have it. I bought it at Borders when I lived in Philly years ago... the husband wants me to sell it, but I have this thing for the wives of Henry the 8th)

ps I live in Syracuse.

will be checking back often!

My friend Suzi declares that I never read actual books, preferring audio books. But once I started reading your book, I had difficulty putting it down. A most satisfying read it is.

Just read the book totally enjoyed it, passing it along to my knitting friend. I like that we in Toronto are the supposed centre of the knitting universe and yes Romni is knitters paradise. Re: you can't knit a tube on 2 needles au contraire you can and I have the book that tells you how and it seems to me I bought it at Romni back in the 80's. I'd say it was self published & it's called "Notes On Double Knitting" by Beverly Royce. I bought it and put it away as something to learn when I retire, considering I was in my 30's at the time I think I was just totally intimidated yet intrigued by the possibilities.I think I must have heard about it in Vogue Knitting as it was the only English Knitting magazine I was buying at the time and it seems to me it was related to Russian knitting-something about a passage in Anna Karenina (I'm sure that spelling is wrong) where she's been knitting socks or mitts or gloves and is knitting one inside the other and entertaining some children by pulling the end result out.
PS I asked my knitting friend if she had the Starmore book Tudor Roses (she did) so I could see what you were knitting but it turns out I read your book in a day and now I've seen the finished product here. That my dear was a work of devotion,pat yourself on the back it's a serious accomplishment in knitting

Thanks so much, y'all! Romni is amazing. And you all need to start your "retirement" projects, Starmore-inspired or no. It's only yarn.

I just finished reading "Sweater Quest" and truly enjoyed it. As a Pittsburgher, your references to yarn shops I frequent - a little too often for my budget - to our beloved Steelers made me feel more of a connection to you other than just as another crazed knitter. I have knit my entire life from age six to the beginning of my 64th year and I love it, cherish it, hate the obsession at times but as the bumper says "I knit so I don't kill people." Thank you for sharing a year of your life will all of us. Your Tudor Rose is breathtaking.

Am loving the book, you are hysterical and informative. I hate history, but you make it enjoyable. You've also made me have a total "what the hell was I thinking moment" about a sweater I recently started. It's a freaking Alice Starmore (Elizabeth I) and my first attempt at an adult sized sweater. What did I just do????? At least it's not Fair Isle....BTW, the finished sweater is absolutely lovely, truly a feat of workmanship, I love it.

Just finished your book, absolutely loved it. I went through all your pain and joy with you as I read it. I have been knitting since I was around six or seven, I learned to knit at school in England. I just had my 71st birthday and am still knitting. I live in Southern California, I hope you will be coming this way sometime soon, I would love to have you sign my dopy of your book.

correction. copy, not dopy

Thanks so much Chris, Kendra and Alexandra!

No plans to visit SoCali right now - but one never knows.

Bought the book Sunday after reading a review on Great book. Having a hard time putting it down and getting to my own knitting. I live in Florida where it is very hot right now, but knitting anyhow. I would love to try something that complicated. Maybe someday!

What a wonderful book! I am selling it to knitters in the book store where I work -- with great enthusiasm! I read it, went back to a long-neglected project - and working on a second sleeve (now I know why I put that project aside a month or so ago). The next project is...? Many thanks for all your good words.

I think you could both take on a Starmore, Nancy and Carol. It's just one stitch at a time.

And thanks so much for reading my book!

Since reading your book, have been looking at the Tudor Rose book. Can you believe $395 on Amazon and a few other used book sites. Is the sweater heavy? Never heard of Alice before your book and I'm now reading your older blog posts. What an adventure!

I just finished the book and I might say, I am just finishing up my first fair isle sweater, and your book caught the very essence of my thought when cutting the steeks and envisioning the whole project to fall apart before my eyes. I set the sweater down for a year in fear of this and finally picked it up again and finally did the sleeves! It took me another three months of looking at it and reading and talking to others to gain enough courage to cut up the front and across the bodice! After which I have had to recast on the collar a couple times, before setting it down again in frustration, and am now back to finishing it up. I can't tell you all the ohh's and ah's I get when people see it, and like you, I am thoroughly through with this process and don't care to see it another day!!! But alas, I shall finish it up over the next couple months so that I can say I finished yet another UFO!! I thought that I was the only one that felt this way going through the making of a fair isle, I am so glad that I am not alone! Cheers to you!
Joy from Alameda, CA

I loved the book, and the sweater is just beautiful in color! Well, 3/4 length sleeves are very chic.

I just finished the book so now I had to find out what the sweater looks like! It's beautiful. Since it doesn't fit, maybe you can frame it. When you put that much work into something you have to show it off.

I finished the book a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Although some parts were a little dry, I really enjoyed it. I'm also glad that your photo on the inside back cover shows part of the finished really is as amazing as you described. (For a little bit I thought you were exaggerating) Now I am excited to get your other book!

Enjoyed the book! Hadn't heard of Starmore...but can connect to your quest.

I am actually giving "Dangerously" a second read. I enjoyed it that much! I only came into knitting about a year ago - and it IS a brave new world. Thanks for the inspiration, for the folks out here feel less weird.

Read "Hillbilly" this summer while caring for sick parent in Durham, NC. Your grasp on the human comedy is so touching. Carry on and do please pen some more for us out here. We need you!

Love the book! Just finished the whole thing in less than 24 hours. Sooooo grateful for the full-color photos here so I can see it in it's colorful splendor.

Thanks for the great read.

I just started the book - I'm on Chapter Two - but I've already laughed out loud several times, and I just had to see if there was a picture of the sweater anywhere.

It's beautiful (and surprisingly wearable - I was honestly expecting some kind of monster sweater, LOL!)

Looking forward to digging further into the book during some upcoming beach time :-)

I'm so behind on thanking you all for reading the book. Thanks!

(And the sweater isn't heavy at all, Carol. And, yes, 3/4 sleeves are very fashionable. Or something like that.)

Again, thanks so much.

Got the book on my Kindle and really enjoyed reading it. I hope to one day be able to knit something this beautiful and intricate. Thanks for a wonderful read and great inspiration.

Just finished reading your book and had to write and say thank you! So many laugh out loud parts! It was wonderful! So great to find out that I'm not the only one with several projects going at the same time and that I'm not alone counting the cast on stitches many times. The sweater is beautiful. Congratulations to you on finishing it and writing a fabulous book!

Reading the book was fun. I think your politics suck.

Just finished your book and I loved it! Thanks for taking the time to write it. Your sweater (sorry Alice) is spectacular! WOW!
On a comment re: the above poster, Your politics don't suck but ALL politicians do and none of them deserve to be in a book about the fine art and craft of, well, anything. So if I ever get off my butt and write a book they won't be allowed in.

Saw your book recently in a barnes and noble. Picked it up and loved it!!! I am not sure I am quite at the level to tackle this project but the pics of you in your sweater are beautiful and amazing!! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Are you making the rounds to Philly any time soon? Or NYC? I'll gladly take the train or drive for you!

I am on page 70 of Sweater Quest and I am loving it. I actually crochet, but this book ignites the desire to learn to knit I have always harbored. I had to come to your website to see the finished product...WOW! I am amazed and a bit ashamed of myself as I work on my simple, single crochet blanket. You inspire me to strive for tougher projects.

I've just finished the book and enjoyed every moment :)

The result: a strong need to see Lana completed (thanks for the pics) and a ticklish urge to go out, hunt down and conquer a complicated Fair Isle... (perhaps not quite so easily achieved - but a mission to contemplate while I finish off this pair of socks).

Just finished your book! Great read! I love how well your voice comes through in your writing! The sweater is gorgeous whether it fits or not. I think the next book should be about a knitting group you get together who all have to knit a daunting project - write about their lives, how the knitting affects it etc.... Hey, wait, maybe I should write it! Best wishes,

I enjoyed the book a lot. We knitters are so similar!!You remind me of me 40 years ago! I did find some typo errors in your text of Sweater Quest. Elizabeth Zimmermann has two "n's" at the end. Pg. 17 shows "free ranger" instead of "free range." You probably have been told about this already,

Enjoyed your book greatly. I had to come to your blog to see the finished work. It is wonderful.

I am reading your book. Oh, how I can relate to the pain! I have been dragging my butt through Starmore"s Donegal for the last 4 years. I have touched it it two years. I get panicked at the mere thought. I ordered it from her....of course, I do not have nearly enough yarn, and she won't even answer my emails.....I am now thinking vest when I can bear to think of it at all. I am hoping your book will give me hope and energy to tackle this monster--I am up to those mysterious steeks and am eager to hear how you dealt with them. That's my reading for tonight! Thank you so much. This is the best self help book I have ever read or heard of and I am a clinical psychologist and I ought to know--maybe I ought to know better....

I just finished your book a week or so ago. I am not a knitter but I still really enjoyed it. I just missed you at the Southern Festival of Books. Sorry.

I did not come back to the blog to check out photos of the sweater while I was reading. I really had no idea what the sweater looked like and it is far more complicated than I thought. It really looks more like a medieval tapestry than a knit sweater. Congratulations on finishing both that massive knitting project and the book!

really enjoyed your sweater-knitting book and immediately told my online instructor about it. (She is a knitter too) Have taken a knitting class and forgot most of it, but I could easily share your interests.

I JUST NOW finished your book. What a great read! I will pass it on to other knitters. "Knitting for a purpose" is important to me and you have exposed another aspect of this goal. Thank you for being so open and honest about your feelings, desires and abilities in life especially as they relate to knitting!

I read Sweater Quest and wondered what the finished product looked like and now I know. I do not think that will be my first FairIsle sweater. I bow to you that you did it!

I just finished your book by reading it during my break and lunch time at work. I was captivated by the amount of information you could write about knitting! But as you said, it's not just about knitting, it's about people that knit! You have a beautiful gift: the quick mind of a truly good writer and also the ability to knit a difficult project/work/raise a family at the same time.
I don't knit, but I do needlework. I want to learn to crochet, and I wondered how you feel about that craft?
I bought a kit to crochet a tea set, and I can't even decipher the instructions. Some day!
Thank you for sharing your knitting journey with Lana, with us!

Just finished your book. Loved it. Thanks for the wealth of information and inspiration. I especially laughed out loud at the knitting/breastfeeding connection. I'm a knitter, mother of two under 5, a teacher and a fledgling alpaca farmer. You can see why it took me a while to read your book... not that it wasn't very compelling but I only had time to read during bathroom breaks. And there were almost always consequences: blue paint all over the kitchen floor, playing pick-up-sticks with all of my double points, and hair cutting to name a few. (And the thing is they were supposedly being supervised by my husband... bless his heart.) Thanks again for your sweater quest.

Absolutely gorgeous sweater. As a 40+ year veteran knitter it was good to see, and drool over, the colored version. The black & white in the book does not do it justice. Enjoyed the book and, as a Hartwick College Alum, was amused to see you are from Oneonta. I grew up in Walton but am now in Arizona. Thinking about a Starmore as my first retirement project in a couple of years.

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