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A day late, I know. Yesterday was kinda full, what with launching a book and all....

Thanks for all of your support!

Now, the things:

* I can't stop reading Fed Up With Lunch. I don't even know how to start talking about all of the issues this teacher brings up. I just kind of sit here and flap my hands at the screen.

* Knit your own flagellate organism.

* Dear craft gods: Please keep the beads away from me, because I don't need to be sucked down that particular rabbit hole. Thanks.

* The environmental impact of feminine hygiene products.

* If you're ever wondered what to do with your old phone book, wonder no longer.

* This just blew my mind.

* How much do I love Tina Fey

* An open letter to conservatives

* I like the idea of the Fontifier but would like to use someone else's handwriting.

* The visions of steady hand that these cake balls must have required leave me in awe.

* These WPA posters speak to me.

* Tony Bourdain's current trip to (and future show about, I assume) Liberia is both horrific and fascinating. Let's all hope he gets out alive.

* Benjamin Svetky taps into the existential drama of Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books. BTW: E & P are my favorite kids books ever. I have been known to give them as gifts to both small people and adults.


Thank you for showing me a way to bring science + knitting to an entirely new level of geekdom. I thought I had hit top with the DNA scarf (while still struggling to adapt to mittens - scientist though I am, I am not so good with the spatial relations of things, or you know, counting). Now if I can just convince someone that patterns for these: would be worthwhile, I would never leave my knitting...

Diva cup. I keep telling ya. Shorter periods, milder cramps.

I'm pleased to know that I am contributed 58% less waste to the landfill than the average woman. But it's just because I am cheap. My sister works for J&J. Yay for Tina Fey; she's from round these parts. Love the letter to conservatives, but let's face it all politicians fit the bill. It's just easier to hate the conservatives for being hypocritical cuz they're so mean to people.

I love Giant Microbes!

Yeah, yeah. Diva Cup. I might bow to peer pressure on this, finally. If I can remember.

Another nod for the Diva Cup. There was a learning curve for me -- took about three cycles, spread over six or seven months, before I really "got" it, but a year later I love it, and wish I'd found out about it sooner.

You've convinced me to think very hard about the Diva Cup, even if it's very description squicked out the spouse. Did you do online ordering?

I found out about your book in, of all places, a Southwest Airlines magazine last Friday night. On Sunday, I went out and bought a copy and I just finished it this morning. I loved it all--the humor, the English history, the Alice Starmore intrigue, and of course, the knitting. I can't wait to pass it along to a knitting buddy this weekend.

Thanks, Patty!

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