qotd, insects are not pets
and now the pictures can be shown

there's no time. I'll sum up.

Having one of those running-very-quickly-just-to-remain-in-one-place sorts of Mondays.  Bear with me.


Knitters of Troy, NY, I raise my needles to you!

The Knit-in was a great way to spend an afternoon. While I am happy to have signed so many books, I'm doubly happy that so many knitters/crocheters/hookers/spinners were in one room. A fabulous time, frankly, and I think I'll have to drive up next year, just for fun.


It was great fun to walk around and see what other folks were working on, like this rug, which my picture doesn't fully capture.


Barbara from Beauknits is on the left. Her nametag was a ball of yarn and was made of awesome.

I spent most of the afternoon letting people know that they could touch my Grail sweater, that it really was a wearable and sturdy object and that they could make one, too. Really. Said sweater will be my traveling companion for the next little bit - so if you're able, please come touch it.

Um...that sounds weird.

Next Saturday I'll be at Gibson's Books in Concord, NH. The only part of NH I've been to is Portsmouth, which hardly counts. I can't wait. If you're in or near Concord, I'd love to let you pet my sweater.

Weird, right?

Also - this just in - Stitch Bitch Anna will be holding a Sweater Quest salon at her house on April 8. Please contact her through the link for the details on this event. I offer this as proof that I will visit almost anyone who has 20 folding chairs and a dream. To quote St. Arlo:  I'm not proud. Or tired.

Maybe not tired, but I am giddy. I can't believe that the official release date is tomorrow! I'm both thrilled and terrified. Thrilified? Terrilled? Regardless, giddy.

Right. Must go schelp kids to swimming lessons because the life of a writer is filled with glamour.


Knitters/crocheters/hookers/spinners? I suspect that the hookers and maybe the spinners are on the Group W bench.

A salon! I sound so French and intellectual. Thanks.

How exciting!

I think I'll start making rugs so I can call myself a hooker...

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