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I remembered to take a picture of the crowd while I was in Boston. What made me remember was that a woman was wearing her very own Mary Tudor that she had knitted years ago from Herself's yarns. I wanted a picture of that.


Do you see her here. Yeah. Me neither. Because I didn't frame it well at all. She's behind and to the left of the woman in the gray hat. *sigh* I give up.

It was a very nice sweater, tho. And a very nice group o' folks. It's still a little strange to look up while I'm reading and realize that all I can see are the tops of heads because most people are working on their knitting. Makes me giggle a little bit every time.

In light of that picture FAIL, here's McGregor, who is one of the few cats I've ever met who prefers to sleep in the four-paws-up position.



Hi. I'm lurking in the back of the less cute picture in this post (i.e., I am NOT McGregor), and I did snap a cell phone picture of the knitter wearing her Mary Tudor. I could send it...
I enjoyed the evening. And I'm enjoying your book. It made me take another look at my Fair Isle and Alice Starmore books. Oh no, more UFOs!

So happy you came! And I'd love it if you could email the picture to me. Go on, knit a Fair Isle. You know you want to...

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