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boys of summer and knitting

On Saturday, I participated in the Stitch and Pitch event at the Baseball Hall of Fame.*

The lighting in the Hall makes it impossible to take a decent picture. It's not me. Nope. 


Those who wandered past who already knew how to knit were invited to add to a group scarf project.

Meredith of Meredith Knitting was on hand to teach newbies and to admire her socks, which had just been added to a display in the HOF.


Not only did we teach knitting, the half dozen of us on hand also taught crochet and needlepoint. The bulk of the morning's students seemed to be Boy Scouts, who really seemed to pick it up quickly and with gusto. They did, however, universally shun the pink yarn, in favor of the more manly red or gray.

Also on hand was swag from Lantern Moon.


A set of these almost came home with me but my inner angel won the argument. Stupid angel.


* I live about 25 minutes from Cooperstown. I am not a baseball fan - in fact, it took me five years to visit the Hall of Fame and I went the first time because of last year's Stitch and Pitch event. I honor your fandom, baseball lovers, but it is not my own. 

ETA: Astute readers will note that I swapped out the first picture for one that crops out the knitter's head. It was a truly lousy picture of her and I decided that I should use my power for good. No one wants a picture that unflattering wandering free in the world. 


I am a baseball fan(atic) . When I visited Cooperstown,we spent two days at the museum. Did you go upstairs and see the exhibit of women's teams during WWII?
I am sad my Yankees probably will never hold a Stitch and Pitch Day,their excuse being security which is bogus because the Mets held one.

I did indeed. There's lots of great stuff in the museum - it just fails to resonate with me. But show me one of David Foster Wallace's dirty bandanas and I'll swoon. Each her own.

I think the Yankee management needs to be stabbed with a #1 metal double point. But that might prove their point. Satisfying, tho.

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