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Albany-area peeps: I'll be hosting a knitting circle at the Book House at 6:30 tonight. I'd love to meet you and give you a button.

* I've gotten hooked on Jon "Unitarian Jihad" Carroll. This is one of my recent faves.

* Tim Walker's advice to new parents is spot on. If you can keep these three things in mind, you should do fairly well. As much as parenting success can be predicted, that is.

* The Amateur Gourmet goes to Peekamoose. I *heart* Peekamoose - and not just because it's fun to say. 

* Someone needs to publish the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript.

* Plushie food chain.

* This slide show about "feminine hygiene products" is hysterical.

* If I could, I would plant nothing but ferns in my yard.

*I didn't think I could love Anne Lamott more.

* Perhaps the funniest post about underpants you will ever read. And she's right about VS. I used to only wear their underwear, too, and quit for the same reasons.

* The best solution for airport security.

* I can only begin to wrap my head around this picture of the surface of the sun. The little white bar at the bottom is 5000 km.

* The cookies made him mad.

* Hard to imagine a cat sitting still for this. (Hat tip to my SIL)


Thanks for the link to Anne Lamott's important article. During my 4 dreadful months of unemployment, her books were one of my lifelines.

I love ferns, too!

Wow....I find more than usual to love about your links list this time around. And as I ordinarily love your links quite a lot, that's sayin' somethin' there, boy.

Forwarded some to other folks, even.

ps. Emily started reading some of Sweater Quest on the ride home from Caz. She says you're funny. Thought you might appreciate that. As for myself .... kudos on a wonderfully funny and insightful read!

Jon Carrol - I was delighted to see the Jefferson Airplane quote at the end of the article. Then again, he is from San Francisco.

I also agree with the underwear pocket thing. The airport security thing is brilliant. And to Tim Walker's advice I'd add, if the new mom is breastfeeding, you can't bring her too much water. Think gallons. Seriously.

-- Sibling Dagger of Warm Humanitarianism of the Unitarian Jihad

One of my secret dreams is to have a cup of coffee with Lamott. I'm putting it out in the universe in the hope that it will someday come true. I had the same dream about Kurt Vonnegut but am now certain that won't work out.

And thanks for the kudos. Emily's just a peach.

I need a good Unitarian jihad name...hrm.

IED Adrienne? IED Ade? Think about it.

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