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many things make a post

* This gored skirt formula makes me itch to sew something. That is not a good sign. Talk me out of it in 3...2... (Also:  I want these shorts but am trying to figure out if I have the skills to make them. Nothing ventured, eh?)

* I wonder why Fortune decided to not run this Chris Ware cover. Note: this is sarcasm.

* New Maureen McHugh story! And there was much rejoicing.

* The Fried Chicken Cook-off: Pioneer Woman v. Keller. Tongs at dawn.

* Hard to imagine that a mere $10 could do so much. And, yet...

* Nom. Ramen noodle chocolate. Nom. Nom.

* A recipe

* What if the tea partiers were black?

* If I were to have another wedding, this is the cake I would want.

* Seuss Army Knife.

* Don't treat an awake baby like an awake adult.

* Knitting makes you a better fill in the blank. (Hat tip to Dave*)

* I've been reading Michael Lewis' The Big Short (review: read it!), which makes this post about Goldman Sachs even more interesting.  To quote Jon Stewart, "those fuckin' guys."

* Steven Brust hosts (sorta) a Spinathon. And, yes, we're talking about yarn. If you're in Texas and not busy this weekend, it could be a hoot.

* This picture of the Earth just blew my dang mind.


You can totally sew the pajama shorts. Why did the knitting makes you a better _____ raise my hackles? Curious.

I drafted a skirt based on that tutorial. I hope to get sewing tonight, since LOST is a repeat. has a free download from Hot Patterns for the same style.

Anna, my hackles agree. The Earth picture is now tyhe wallpaper on my work PC.

Thanks for the recommendation for The Big Short. I just got my name on the list for it at the library.

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