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qotd, German cognates edition

"The rest of the time, Connor's job was to work on his fingerspitzengefuhl. That was a useful word. It was a German word, of course. The Germans had words for everything, created by the simple expedient of bashing as many smaller words as you needed together until you got one monster mouth-murderer like fingerspitzengefuhl that exactly and precisely conveyed something that no other language could even get close to."

 -- For the Win, Cory Doctorow


A few words on Boston/Cambridge:

I had a great time and I hope that the folks who made it to Porter Square Books did as well. Pictures, which I took but then foolishly left the cable that will let me upload them at home, later.

Burdick's is everything I had hoped for and more. That is the best hot chocolate, which I had cold, that I have ever had ever. I may have to come back just to have it again. It's like the crack of hot chocolate.

On the way to Burdick's, I walked past a stationery store that sucked me into its vast gravity well. The guy behind the counter - I may have made a purchase or two - and stuck up conversation about letterpress that was entirely pleasant. It's nice when strangers share your odd obsessions. 

Speaking of, Boston just seems like a remarkably pleasant city and easy to get around in as long as you don't try to drive. I drove the mom bomb to my hotel downtown and nearly had a very small but intense mental collapse when trying to get there. I was so unnerved, in fact, that I did something I never do, which is do valet parking. I just couldn't bring myself to find a garage. Besides, I'm highly amused to see my ancient minivan in the queue behind three Saabs, a Mercedes and an Audi. 

But the rest of the trip has been swell.

You know how when you visit new cities you always try to picture yourself living there? I could totally live here. And that's not just so that I can be closer to Burdicks. Not entirely, anyway.

Back on the road...


Glad my hometown treated you well. I'm only sorry that I was stuck on a plane and couldn't make it to Porter Sq. Books. Boston is a fabulos walking city, but a horrible place to drive. All those traffic laws are considered suggestions and blinkers are a sign of weakness. I've been driving her over 20 years and I still avoid taking a car downtown. I hope you can make it back here.

I would love to come back, sooner rather than later. Boston treated me well, indeed. Next time, I'm going to bring the kids so that we can take in some history. But I won't drive.

Sorry about being stuck on a plane. Next time.

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