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boys of summer and knitting

qotd, meat and knitting edition

"I always think of butchery to be like knitting. In that it's rote, and yet you have to stay focused on it. With butchering even more, because you could easily kill yourself. So it's this sort of Zen thing that comes up. It's something where I don't need to open a cookbook, I don't need to look at a recipe -- I just need to look at the ingredient."

-- Julie Powell to Eric Steinman in his interview for Edible Hudson Valley


Hi, you knitted the cutest little Giraffe a number of years ago, I have searched far and wide to try and find the now out of print phildar mag you listed, if you still have that copy I would love to purchase a copy of the graph if possible, or even swap for another pattern,thanks,

Lynda -

I don't think that was me. Sorry.


Adrienne - just finished your book "Sweater Quest" LOVED IT. Oh, my goodness, didn't want it to end! I'm dying for you to write another knitted related book!

Thanks for the reading delight!

Thank you so much Christina! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. As for another...well...I'm waiting to see which way my publisher will go. Fingers crossed.

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