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Hold the presses: The Twist Collective folk really, really liked Sweater Quest! I am more pleased than I can say. W00T!

Also, Gig Moineau sent along her picture of the Mary Tudor at the Porter Square Books event:

2010-04-15 19.46.56 

It is nice to know that I didn't imagine it. What a gorgeous sweater.

Also, I've been working on a little pretty scarf, with whom I am smitten.


Close-up of the beads:


What the pictures don't convey is how soft and drapey this yarn is and how glorious and lush the color is. I'd picked this up two KR retreats ago and finally got around to doing something with it. It's String Theory's 50 percent merino/50 percent silk (100 percent yum). * The beads were some I've just had kicking around from a project that didn't work out so well. What the pictures don't quite show is that the beads have a citrine-colored core. It's purty all put together. 

This makes up for the last thing I started. It died a quick death and shan't be mentioned again.

* I don't see this exact composition on their site, which is good, because I'd probably buy it all. The tag tells me it's the 3-ply fusion lot T02. 


Are you going to make mittens to join the scarf with which you're smitten?

Very cool re: all of the above.

1. Awesome review, congratulations.
2. Love the green scarf. LOVE!

I love the scarf. I have yet to knit something beaded, but I'm fascinated with the idea of using a light drapey yarn and weighting it with some beading for a lovely wrap.

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