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true confession

On a very, very serious note, which I will offset in a minute with a post about something frothy, please pray, offer good karma, think kindly on, etc., for my friend Katie and her oldest boy Henry. I can't even imagine what she's going through -- and wish that she wasn't where she is. 



Yes, even though I am almost 40 and a respectable (sorta) and responsible (mostly) mother of two, I watch America's Next Top Model

I know. *

I bring this up only because last night the photo shoot revolved around two of my favorite things: New Zealand and sheep. I am completely ready to hop on a plane, jump in some wellies and swan about a pasture while having my picture taken. Anyone else?

Casual response, tho, to one of the comments a contestant made: Sweetheart, if you don't know where New Zealand is, please give your ticket to someone who does. It isn't near Canada. 



* I also watch The Real Housewives of NYC but am significantly less comfortable with announcing that. FWIW - I'm totally on Bethenny's side and think Jill has a total mean girl thing going on. Don't even get me started on the Countess...oh, wait. You didn't.


Well, I'm past 50, not at all respectable, and I caught Top Model last night, too -- No question the sheep was the best part of the show. I kept thinking, "Come here, Prince; let me shear you gently and roll around in that thick, rich wool."

Prince was amazingly calm and patient through it all . . .

I strongly suspect that Prince had been given some little sheepy Xanax. Or maybe not. Maybe Kiwi sheep are naturally mellow.

oh my gosh I'm also over 50 and not at all respectable but i too watch nyc housewives.. especially cause i knew many similar women when i lived back in nyc... mwah..
I think both of them are wacky they are both overreacting.. typical for their personalities... haha
wanted to know if you are going to post the Book in ravelry for the library? I wanted to put it in my library:-)

I'd love to Karola but need to figure out how. Hrm.

It's the NJ Housewives that ID with the most strongly, despite never having lived in New Jersey. I think it's the Italian thing.

Thanks for sharing the news on Katie and Henry. Words fail. She and her family are in my heart and thoughts.

So - you're out of the closet about being a HW-NY fan? I love them. They make me feel so...well-adjusted.

Such sad news about your friend Kate and her son. I'll keep a good thought.

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