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Colbert covered this last night.

I'm planning to go to the Stewart/Colbert rally on 10/30 if any one wants to car pool from the Philadelphia area.

I am utterly horrified. (And I have to admit, slightly relieved it wasn't in Tennessee.)

New York State skews really right wing Republican once you get out of the cities and college towns, which means that they are generally outnumbered but are still there. But, yeah, as much as I pick on Tennessee, I'm well aware that racist nuts aren't just in the South.

yup. i agree that this is terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad. but explain to me how the actions of one person with tea party "affiliations" (which are what, exactly?) renders the whole bunch equally racist? kinda like the actions of some violent muslims don't reflect on the non-violent majority of muslims?

You have a very good point, laura in nj. I need to check my own assumptions and will do my best to not tar the entire group with the actions of a few.

Oh please. The tea party is rooted in the fact that the president is black.

You are right, Matthew. I went to the tea party rally in Otego on 9/18 & most of the speakers said, "We need to take our country back." But they never said back to or from what. But you know what that code means: take the country back from that black guy in the white house! My husband carried a sign that said on one side: Ignorance is bliss. & on the other: Knowledge is power. One guy immediately got in his face & said, "You think all these people are ignorant? You are a jerk!" My husband replied "I'm just using my free speech."

Also, Bob McCarthy of Sidney was the Worst Person in the World on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Sidney Freaking New York!

Exactly. Anti-taxes, anti-big government, those are the same old flags that Republicans have always carried. Where were these tea baggers when Bush was growing government and deficit? Not a peep.

saying that "X group is all about Y" is a little simplistic, no matter who says it. it's easy to point out in other people, but we often forget that we are someone else's "other people."

and i know this is re: a later post but people reading memoir should not get pissy when opinions are shared. just sayin'.

Adrienne, I just finished "Sweater Quest" today, and that book is a permanent treasure! Usually I pass books on to various friends, but I want to read this book again and again. My knitting friends will have to buy their own!

Thank you, and keep writing.


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