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Here's what I have been working on:


While I was at Natural Stitches, I picked up the yarn for a Greenway blanket. There have been a few false starts, largely the result of my not knowing how to read and my lack of knowledge about crochet. I'm on a roll now, though - and will have to go back, pull out and re-crochet the first beige row because it's all puckery. That shouldn't be hard, right?

And here's the sock on deck:


The yarn (Spunky Eclectic sock yarn in Lobster) happened to fall out of Quinn's hands and into mine when she was last here and I loves it. The pattern is from Twist. We'll see how long it takes me to cast on. Care to place a bet?


ooo i helped you with that purchase.

Love that crochet. Almost makes me want to learn.

I love that book. There are so many knitting books that I flip through. "Ooh, like that pattern." fourteen patterns later... "Ooh, there's one I like." Not that one. I liked almost every pattern. That very same afghan spoke to me in a learn-to-crochet-even-if-it's-only-for-meeee kind of way.

I'm currently working on the seersucker afghan (knitting in squares makes for a great take-along-while-waiting-for-the-kids totebag project), and queued is the Kilim.

You did indeed, Steven. And, Anna, you could totally learn to crochet.

I love the book, too! Now I just wish I liked working on/needed more afghans.

I like both your new projects, but really love the sock pattern. I just finished my first pair of toe up socks. They are no prize winners but at least look like socks. Still working on the cast on.

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