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qotd, yes, I'm finally reading it.

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To make a long, mostly boring rant short: this week is thoroughly kicking my ass. 

I do feel very fortunate to a) be employed and b) have children but sometimes the intersection of the two can wear this body out. And, so, it has. Consider me this owl.*

In other news, I'll be at the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival on Sunday. Please come on down (or up or over as your own personal geography requires)! 

In other other news, my progress on Summer in the Square:


Soon it will be done. Soon I will knit again. Soon it will all fall into place.


* Stolen from Norma.


I read Norma right before your post and was all, "What? Hungover owls are the new thang?"

This thing is beautiful!

Ummm...your blog seems to have been attacked by footwear companies.

Sorry, that was me. See what happens when you use my computer?

I believe I've gotten them all. I'm not sure I can by another pair of NB shoes if they're going to spam me.

And thanks Susie! I can't wait to see how it looks on the wall - and to be done with the darn thing.

Hungover owls are da bomb. Kids still say that, right? "Da Bomb?"

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