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in praise of the harvest. with bonus weiner

On Saturday, we went en familia to the Harvest Festival at the Farmer's Museum

The kids wanted to spend the bulk of the time milking the "cow:"


While the Hub did what men have done since the dawn of time, which is hold a lady's purse:


I checked out the prize -winning heirloom carrots:

I was not, however, allowed to take a bite out of one. The temptation was great.

For a change, Maddy was the one wielding my camera while they were playing on some hay bales. I think she did a great job:



I call this one Blue Steel.

Turnabout is fair play, of course.


In short, it was a fine time, tho we should have left about 30 minutes before we did, if only because everyone was a little too tired and cranky to get to the car without tears. But had we left earlier, we would have missed this:


Which is an entire wedding party, minister included, coming out of the church in order to greet the Weinermobile. 


:) Great photos!

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