in praise of the harvest. with bonus weiner
felted nuts

many things make a post

* Product not selling as well? Simply change its name!

* My next tattoo. (No. Not really. But still.)

* A student from my alma mater takes on the 100-mile diet for her senior thesis.

* I ought not be as amused by this as I am.  

* I would like to go to Cupcake Camp, please.

* Weep for the privileged class!

* Another winner from Hyperbole and a Half.

* What it's like to live with our cat Barney.

* I wish I had the patience and skill to make gyoza, for they are one of my favorite foods in the universe. Sadly, I have neither patience or skill or, sadly, a good place to buy gyoza nearby. 

* On "proofiness."

* From my Dad: How to spot quantum quackery.

* How did I not know that Karen Joy Fowler has a new short story collection out? I worry about my ability to pay attention. Also, The Pelican Bar, included in this collection, is an amazing, harrowing story that is so good I can't bring myself to read it again. And if that makes sense to you, you've already read it.

* I need another craft project about as much as I need to have steel sock needles jammed into my eyes and yet I find myself looking at Tolovana and Fjord Ponies and muttering "my precccccioussssss." I might have a problem.


Re: the knitted mile. Yeah, knitters are weird like that.

Re: Tolovana. At least its not a Pi shawl. Saw one in person this summer and can officially say that T from Knitting Guild is CRAZY.

Re: Corn sugar. I don't care what they call it, I just don't think it should be federally subsidized.

must. have. fjord. ponies!!

plus the knitted mile? amazing idea.

The knitted mile is cool.

The fjord ponies piece is beautiful. If I could do what you do, I would do it.

That tattoo is pretty awesome. I was impressed with this one:

I wanna go to Cupcake Camp!

I love the knitted mile! And I must say, the idea of getting "inscribed" with a quote is the most tempting tattoo idea ever. Though I still can't stand the thought of the pain ... and how would I choose one quote?

That's the problem I have, too. How do you chose just one quote?

I also think it might be time for an East Coast Cupcake Camp.

And, debra, you could totally do it. All it takes is time and the smallest dash of compulsive tendencies.

I'm all for an East Coast cupcake camp, we could do regional ones like Stitches.
I want to do the shawl but I don't think I'm going to live that long!

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