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many things make a post

* There is strange water in Uranus.

* For the McLuhan fans.

* In case you wanted to start to read SF/F but didn't know where to start. My two cents: I also suggest novice SF/F readers start with Connie Willis' Doomsday Book.

* I didn't watch the Emmys this year, which makes me extra happy that the opener is now online. I had no idea Jimmy Fallon could be so entertaining.

* Mary Roach on what happens to the bodies of astronauts who die in space.

* Vanity Fair's Michael Joseph Gross takes on Sarah Palin. 

* New York Songlines.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you think that the best outcome will be surviving it? Yeah. That's this week. Posting might be light - but the kids go back to school tomorrow and so our long very local scheduling nightmare will soon be over. Can I get an amen?



I just finished Red Mars.. and death happened but the ermains and burial were not discussed. Hmmm. Thanks for this link.

Interesting VF article. Thanks.

Amen, sista! I relate to your scheduling madness!

I love Mary Roach. I'd be a stalker if I had more time and were a wee bit crazier.

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