smaller and gentler
tubular, man.

many things make a post

* These sound really good, especially with a side of bacon.

* I like the idea of post apocalptic story quilts.

* I, too, would worry that my skin is too baggy.

* I'm not sure if I'll be near my computer at the right time tonight but I hope this DFW/HRC/Salvage Vanguard** webcast is archived afterwards.

* Consider these my crack cocaine.

* The Patriot Guard Riders are true Americans. I say this sincerely. 

* Gnome Mittens!

* Seriously? "Amazon Mom?" "Mommy cards?"  Because motherhood is a profession in the way that fatherhood isn't? 

* Ghosts in the Hollow. I've been on that very bridge, I think.

* Inside the new Wizarding World.

* If you've ever wondered what would happen if you set 100 cats loose in an IKEA, wonder no more.

* Entertainment Weekly confirms what parents with elementary school aged kids already knew about iCarly.


** (I still have my "I hate theater" shirt from Salvage. Love it to bits.)


What's with the orange underwear? LOL. I'm a textilist for sure!

It was the Hawaiian shirt with no pants that got me.

Ooooh, I love cereal marshmallows.

I'm a big textilist. Many times when I've gotten, "You look nice" compliments I know full well that I can wear clothes well.

Ghosts in the Hollow was so poignant. And ... somehow made me think of location scouting for a horror movie.

The Patriot Guard Riders are such a wonderful idea.

The idea of identifying myself to others on a card as, "Mom to Emily," or "Mom of Matthew" makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I think a HUGE lesson I can teach my kids is that while I love and adore being their mother that I am, first and foremost, Heidi.

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