on apple cake
a brief political interlude

many things make a post

* On athletes and mental illness.

* The beginnings of proof of what I've long suspected about massage.

* For the Jon Stewart fans.

* Scott Miller and Patty Griffin? I squee.

* Om nom nom.

* I might have to take the kids to see this.

* Sing it, Maureen. Sing. It. (Also related.)

* Our Doula K is keeping a blog about her family's year in Prague. 

* Tugboat Printshop hits all of my I-want-it-on-my-wall buttons. This might not be good.

* Technically literacy and home schooling.

* I think my husband needs one of these but I don't know if he'd ever wear it. Do they make 'em in flannel?

* A parenting reality check.


My husband never wears his utilikilt. I wish it fit me, a skirt with pockets!!

I'm surprised about the massage. I'm always annoyed by light massages. Hmmm.

It's a Seattle company so I've seeing them around for years. Seriously hot on men. It's just taken a long time to convince my husband but he's finally convinced. I want one too, have you seen the pockets in the Survival one?

Also, pumpkin cinnamon rolls? Swoon.

Joe would never wear a kilt on a regular basis. He hates to feel cool and breezy anywhere. He's the king of bundling up at all times.

The parenting reality check is a good thing to keep in mind. I needed that.

Outside of it being interesting from a mental health standpoint, I found the article on athletes and mental illness interesting for other reasons too. I studied Exercise Science in college and took many classes most people think silly. I took "Sociology of Sport" as well as "Sport Psychology". That article touched on many of the things I've tried to talk about with people over the years. It's so interesting to me.

Polobolus dance tours with a T.D. who wears a kilt. It's black, and awesome.

Can never say this too often but somehow thinking it never gets to the comment level: THANK YOU! I don't want to know life without your "mtmap" entries. I don't take your effort for granted. That is all.

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