and now my hand is complete
qotd, higher ed. edition

my place in the universe

I am aware of my one true function. I exist simply to let Barney the cat in and out of my office window:


What's odd (or, rather, odder still) is that this window is a not insignificant distance above the ground.


If I do nothing else with my time on the planet, know that I have been the window valet for an ungrateful cat.

In other news, I'm working on launching a grown-up website. Is there anything you'd like to see/read on it? I'm allllllllmost there but would like to add some other bells and/or whistles...


Look at his hateful little face! LOL!

Silly, little thing, but when I click on all your great links in Many things make a post, they replace your site. I'd rather they launch a new window so I never leave you....well, until I've clicked on all the links for that day, that is. Otherwise, I love your site as it is.

what andria said

In the meantime, right-click on the links and open them in a new window (or better yet, a new tab). Then you can open all of them, and still pop back to Adrienne whenever you want.

Husband gets up early. I don't. Cat wanting to go out will ignore husband drinking coffee and come upstairs to stand on my head and mew LOUDLY until I get up and let him out. Evil cat.

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