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qotd, yes, I'm finally reading it.

"My shaky sense of direction and geography means I have explored six continents in my life with only the vaguest idea of where I am at any given time. Aside from my cockeyed internal compass, I also have a shortage of personal coolness, which can be a liability in travel. I have never learned how to arrange my face into that blank expression of competent invisibility that is so useful when traveling in dangerous foreign places. You know -- that super-relaxed, totally-in-charge expression which makes you look like you belong there, anywhere, everywhere, even in the middle of a riot in Jakarta. Oh, no. When I don't know what I'm doing, I look like I don't know what I'm doing. When I'm excited or nervous, I look like I'm excited or nervous. And when I'm lost, which is frequently, I look lost. My face is a transparent transmitter of my every thought. As David once put it, 'You have the opposite of poker face. You have, like...miniature golf face.'"

- From Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I'm finally getting around to reading if only because I borrowed a friend's copy and I'm feeling guilty about not returning it yet. And, as it turns, it is really good. Really. I'm stunned too.


We really enjoyed it when we read it, but I'll admit to being afraid to see how they might have mutilated it by turning it into a film.

It's a good book, very honest about her failings in her marriage. Be sure to read the follow up book, Committed. Its a great meditation on the reality, history and meaning of marriage.

I picked it up not knowing the hype, way back when. That summer, since I could not afford to travel, I decided to travel via words and only read books that took place in other countries. Eat Pray Love landed in my lap that way. I fell in love. Then, the world caught on. ;)

I haven't read it either. I'll have to wait till my daughter finishes her copy and read it. I'm cheap. Heard the movie is not that good.

I raed it.. and I admit I didn't read it for the hype.. but I called friends and read them passages over the fone, and I gave both my sister's copies (that I hear they still haven't read) so I basically contributed to the hype.

Funny quote. I enjoyed the book, too.

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