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Busy, busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Pie Goddess and Grill Master's house for Tubular Dinner, which I'll post about on Wednesday. First, tho, a few words about the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival, which the Pie Goddess and I went to on Sunday.

My biggest complaint - and it's a great one to have - about Rhinbeck Sheep and Wool is that it's too huge to really enjoy. Which is why the Endless Mountains Fest was such a delight. All of the highlights of Rhinebeck were there, like lots of great fiber.* 

There were animals:




Not pictured are two alpacas who making the most mournful sound I've ever heard an animal make. I mean, I'm sure the alpacas were just fine - just that the sound read to a human ear like something truly tragic was going on. 

Also at the Fest were lovely people, like Emily from Serendipity:


You should see her yarns. The colors are vivid and rich and yum. 

There were (rug) hookers:


And there was a writer, too:


I have no idea what I'm talking about here. Feel free to write your own caption.

And there was Lana oogling:


Because this Fest is still growing, there's still room to move around but it also has a lot of really good products to move around for. I can't wait to come back next year, just to see what's new.

* I'm still a little sad that a skein of sport weight alpaca with muted pastels didn't hang around long enough for me to buy it. Clearly it wasn't meant to be but, still, sad. 


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