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* I should have mentioned this sooner but you know how it goes: I'll be at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville this weekend. My part of the fest is on Saturday from 11-12, then signing out front. If you don't want to come just for me, Mo Willems will also be there. Dude. Mo Freakin' Willems.  I'll also be hanging out at Bliss Yarns from 4-6 on Saturday, if you'd like to swing by. And I'd love it if you could swing by. 

* I kinda want to go here. Or maybe I just crave dumplings.

* Sing it, Emma Thompson.

* While I don't see my own rage reflected back at me by my daughter - mostly because I'm honestly not all that rage-ful - she has internalized my tendency toward sarcasm and uncontrollable tears. I wish I'd passed on something more useful and healthy.

* "Atheists Don't Have No Songs."

* Matt Taibbi on the Tea Party.

* Further proof that Sheetz is the best convenience store ever.

* Two from NPR: where your tax money goes and GATZ, which I kinda want to see, even though I'm not sure I could make it through 6.5 hours.

* I think I know what the Husband will be getting for Christmas.

* One of the women in my book group mentioned that we should check out The Fabulous Beekman Boys since they tape just up the road from here. And now that I have, I appear to be hooked. And might need to get some cheese. Wonder if I could wave the shipping cost if I just go get it myself?

* Time to knit the red scarves

* An imperfect analogy - but one that still works well, imo.

* How flippin' cute is this. None more cute.


I am absolutely delighted to follow the links you provided this a.m. - especially the Taibbi piece about the fraudulent tea party "movement" and "Atheists Don't Have No Songs"!

You may get negative feedback from others - from me you get only accolades. I am a long time knitter AND radical - the daughter of a long-time knitter AND radical. She had a bumper sticker that said: "In 1492, Native Americans discovered Columbus on their land."

Thanks for thoughtful information.

Let's go to Chinatown for dumplings someday. Also thanks for the link to Steve Martin. If we're only gonna have one song, that seems like a good one.

I don't know how you find all the articles, etc. Loved the Taibbi article, at first I thought he was talking about Florida. The tea party is in full swing here complete with overweight folks on Medicare scooters.

Seeing Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers live is a MUST do. I smiled straight through the 2.5 hours.

I may have to get that Columbus quote on a t-shirt, Cynthia.

Philly's chinatown (I assume it has one?) or NYC's? I'm all about dumplings.

Carol - I spend a remarkable amount of time in front of my computer and have no attention span.

And if I ever have the opportunity to see SMandtheSTR, I will.

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