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First: the self promotion: one of my Locus reviews is now online. It's on Jeff VanDermeer's The Third Bear. If you read no other SFnal short story this year, read "The Goat Variations." "Errata" is also awesome. You're welcome.

Now the thought: In April, I will turn 40. For some, this will be a surprise. Aren't you already over 40? No. I am not. Some, like my students, will wonder how I got to be this old without falling over dead. To them I say: wait.

I'm fine with 40. I still plan to book a spa overnight with whomever wants to come in celebration -- I'm thinking here or here -- but overall, I'm like, whatever. I would, however, like to finally get around to not being quite as out of shape as I am because I suspect that it will only get exponentially harder from here. 

Last weekend, my small town had its annual 10k. It gave me a thought. Maybe a year from now it would be good to do the 10k, in honor of being 40 and not dead. I would train and stuff. 

Those who know me are laughing. But, no, I think this is an achievable goal. Which leads me to two questions:

1) what resources are there for going from pretty much 0k to 10k in a year?

2) who's with me?


Well, I heartily applaud the 0k - 10k in a year plan. I also believe that if you can do it, maybe I can, too, even though I am 53 and arthritic. I was thinking about it today as I heard "10k race, wear a costume" on the radio as I drove 17 miles to work. I wondered, "why am I so sure I could never do it?"

So, I mean really, how does one begin?

Go for it!! It sounds like fun. For resources I LOVE podrunner.com. They have interval training for 5,8 and 10K runs and they start pretty much from scratch. The training is broken down by day and the music is pre-set to be the right pace for your level. I have used their music quite a bit and think it's great - and did I mention free??

I'm going to be 39 next year; I totally want to be in. I want my 40s to be more physically active than my 30s were and if that means a smaller dress size, cool!

I've heard great things about the couch to 5K program. It's 9 weeks and there are a number of websites and podcasts that support the program. I imagine there would be training programs to get up to 10K once the 5K level is reached.

I have no advice for you except that Q really likes those shoes that look like feet. And I haven't found 40 to be any different than 39.

Well, of course.

Your legs are like the knitting needles, see, and the ground is, well, it's the yarn. And you just keep on ... uh ... you'll certainly complete that 10K long before this metaphor works itself out.

Go on with your bad self, Adrienne, you can do it.

Go for it!!! And, be utterly committed to the task at hand. You can do this!

I have heard about the couch to 5K and I have considered it. Especially since I will be 40 next yr too.

I would like to help you celebrate your birthday. you pick the spa I will be happy to come and indulge with you. I am planning on a yr long indulgence of my 40th yr.

I have found several variations of the'walk-to-run' book format to be helpful. I can wrap my head around the idea that ultimately I can run x distance, where as the idea of doing at at this very minute always makes my head want to explode.

I have launched said walk-to-run program two or three times in recent years before with the outcome that I can run about three miles or so and then something happens and I lose interest.

But you, my friend, give me cause to renew my efforts.

And, so

I would like to pledge that by April, I will be conditioned enough to run with you. (OMG)

Now what??? :)

You can do it! Just start off with a small distance and increase as you go. The way I see it there's no need to run fast, but it's great to run the whole way!

Nemacolin Woods near Pittsburg is pretty damn magnificent, too, if you want to head out that way.

If you come to Nemacolin, I'll almost be able to walk to your room...Great walking and running places, too.

I like the Podrunner workouts, but my favorite workouts are from 5K101.com. Very do-able. He produces a 10K trainer, too. I use them all the time. Not bad for a 52 year old with bad knees.

If you come to Hershey, you'll be in my backyard, I'll have to come. Plus it will be nice for you to have an old fart like me around.

Sorry, I am not in. I applaud you vigorously, but from the sidelines.

I have read many, many blogs touting the Couch to 5K program, so it might be worth looking into. (It transitions to 10K as well, I believe.) Good luck!

I just ran my first half marathon and have only been running for half a year. It came down to just doing it - I starting running at a pace that felt comfortable and pushed myself along. I've heard really great things about couch to 5K as well but I found that I had to approach running much like writing: rather than talking about it and researching it, I just had to do. Lace up my shoes and listen to the sounds of my feet hitting the ground.

spa day? i'm IN!

Hey, I'll do the Pit Run with you. I've never run a race in my life, but I am running this year as my chosen form of exercise (being so far away from Hell With Heidi Every Friday). Not sure I could run it straight through, but I'm open to a run/walk/run thing.

Sallie? You in, too? Jenny? Or you just want to meet us with some pies at the end?

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