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a night and a day in photos

I hope that your holidays were all one could hope. And if this wasn't your holiday, then I hope that your weekend was pleasant and your Chinese food hot.

In short, our weekend looked like this: 


In some Italian families, Christmas Eve is celebrated with seven kinds of fish. Given that I am only half Italian and don't much like fish, we had two. Next year, as Doula K suggested, we will add Swedish fish and listen to a Phish CD.


The tree.


The McGregor under the tree.


The Boy's favorite gift was a construction set that used some kind of space age foam as the "wood." Also note the cardboard box in the right side of the frame. Each kid got one from Grandpa S. Also big hits.


The Diva got all kinds of American Girl stuff, including the Care and Keeping of You book, which was a big hit, if also a reminder to the Hub and I that we'll be dealing with all sorts of stuff before too long.


Christmas morning waffles.


The first toy casualty. We think we can fix Adam with some glue. Or C4. Whichever.

A note: posting might be weird* for the next few days, which will prove to be full of airports and passports and angst. Even now, I am doubting the wisdom of what we're about to do. But the hope is that no one will wind up like Adam.

Wish us luck.

* well, relatively weird, given the normal state of things around here.



Merry Christmas, Adrienne and family! Travel prayers being said for you all, too.

Santa brought a Dirt Devil?

a safe and happy journey to prague! may you not be stuck in airports on either side of the atlantic.

Coincidentally, we did have Chinese food on Christmas Eve! I mentioned you in my blog, saying that I enjoyed your book Sweater Quest.

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