a night and a day in photos
we have taken the castle

many things make a post

* I still don't understand why there hasn't been another Bands on the Run.

* Does anyone know if Elizabeth Zimmermann was an American citizen? If so, we might just need to nominate her.

* A little late for Christmas but still useful: GF gift ideas. (HT to Stitch Bitch.)

* How to not go crazy when traveling with your kids. Given that we leave soon, this is good to keep in mind.

* The excruciating process game designers go through when envisioning female characters.

* It's like parenting's version of the Darwin Awards - but without death and dismemberment. 

* "I try, it tries."

* Aaron Sorkin on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

* A little late for the actual event (sensing a theme yet?) but the Real 12 Stages of a Lunar Eclipse.


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