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actual knitting content: surprise

It was cold enough this morning that the thermometer - the remote unit is outside - gave up even trying to display it. Once we get below -9 (F), it can't cope. Neither can I, come to think of it.


In front of the thermometer is 120 Czech korunas, which is worth about $6. I hope the Czechs never do switch to the Euro, if only because their current currency is so pretty. 


So last week I had to drive to Seneca Falls for a story. More on that later. But on my way up 96, I drove past a big sign that said "Yarn Sale." I dropped in on my way back home. Not only was it a sale, it was the warehouse/workshop for Schaefer Yarns. Who knew?* I couldn't resist this skein of Helene in "Elizabeth Zimmermann." Now I need to figure out what to do with it. Thoughts?


Also, I managed to attache the button to the Fear of Committment Cowl. 


The back. The toggle slips into two stitches and holds the whole thing shut. 


The front. Thanks for all of the button input. You were right.


* I suspect some of you knew. I didn't know, which is my own fault, yes, but made driving past the place all that much more exciting. Yes, I am easily excited.


I would have "SQUEEEE"d my head off! ;) The cowl looks lovely, and I like the toggle idea a lot! It's cold here in TN, but not -9 degrees cold. Brrrr.

Gorgeous yarn!

is the toggle part of the button or an extra piece? I initially voted for the other button, but I like this better.

Since my Ravelry name is Schaeferyarnlovr, I think you should give me the yarn. If that is not going to happen, I vote for bed socks. I have knit them for family;they steal them from each other.

The toggle is a separate piece. I still have the ring part that the toggle is supposed to go in. Who knows what I'll do with that.

Debra - do you live near Interlaken? If not, I'm thinkin' road trip...

And, no, you can't have my yarn. It's mine. MINEMINEMINE.

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