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button, button

I've finished the knitting on a Fear of Commitment Cowl. While my version is less long and less wide, the idea is the same. The yarn is Berroco Flicker, which is soft and sparkly. The chain/tubular construction seems to make up for the lack of elasticity that usually plagues alpaca-based yarns.

I now have a button conundrum.

Would you go with this one:



Or this one :



The button in the top photo was one I picked up on a whim from M&J in NYC. The button in the bottom is from Gita Maria, whose buttons are marvelous. Thoughts?


I like the second one better. I love the subtlety of it. The first one is also pretty, but I would worry about it snagging on the yarn.

Oh Adrienne, my trigger finger was too quick. I published my email address in that comment. Would you edit it out please? Thank you.

Done. And thanks for the input.

Thanks so much. It'll be a beautiful Cowl with either button you choose.

I like the second one better.

I'm thinking the second one...the enameling just seems to work so nicely wih the yarn. (You and I need to talk as I have a decent collection of vintage Czech glass buttons that I would be willing to share with you.)

Both of them are lovely, but I think the second matches better with the yarn.

the second one, definitely.

I like the second one better as well. The first one is lovely, but it limits what you might wear with it. Plus the glass one is just so cool!

I like the color of the first but the scale of the second. I vote for #2.

Second one, definitely. The first is adorable, but will be a little lost there.

what anna and heather said.

First one--it adds more contrast

I prefer the second button, the first -- while lovely -- just doesn't do it for me against the cowl itself. And I've just downloaded the pattern itself to add to my ever increasing list of projects to get around (thanks!).

Definitely button number two! Love it. Also, I think button number one is a snagger - even tho' it is very pretty.

Number two is my choice also.

I like the first, but the comment about how it might snag the yarn is probably right on. Does anyone else find it amusing that you need help to choose the button for Fear of Commitment?

Second one. They complement each other (the colorings)

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