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cookies and kitties and fire

On Saturday, I finally gave in and went to a doctor, who let me know that I had probably had the flu and was now the proud owner of both a sinus infection and bronchitis. I'm an over-achiever that way. Antibiotics are being applied. The weekend, however, was low-key. 

Maddy and I made cookies.


The recipe came from Martha, natch. Hers are prettier but ours had a certain wabi sabi.


And mighty tasty.


The cats "helped."


McGregor and Trout, the kitty rarely pictured on the blog.

And by "helped," I mean "found the warmest spots in the house and occupied them.


Barney and McGregor.


It's hard to not just put your head on his belly and nod off, isn't it?


i used to do that to my cats and dogs when they were little. best pillows evah!

awww.... kitties.

MacGregor could be a small dog! They look so comfy. Do they get along?
It sure looks like they do. We have the same color cats, our orange one is big too, almost 20 lbs. Our black one is small, tho and they get along most of the time.

Ah, such cute kitties!
I've been known to use my dog as a pillow. When she curls up into a ball, she makes a nice solid yet soft surface. :-)

They mostly get along, even moreso when it's cold and we turn the heat down. And, yes, McGregor is enormous, as is Barney. Trout used to be solid but has trimmed down with age. We seem to grow big cats in this house, tho. I blame all of the mice.

McGregor makes a fine pillow, too.

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