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I'm not sure if we're in the throes of an ice storm or a snow storm. Suffice to say, it has thrown a wrench in my plans, whatever it is. My kids need to go back school before they kill each other. So, a shorter list, while I go referee:

* Brenner on fatherhood, apples, trees and comics.

* On loss.

* I mocked our Salad Shooter when it turned up as a wedding gift. Turns out, it was on of the best gifts ever, at least in terms of cost/use. I loved it; then it died and I couldn't find another one. And now I know that they still exist. Mock on, mockers. My Salad Shooter and I don't care.

* This yarn/knitting blog may just be my new addiction. 

* Did I need an article to tell me this: Moms Lie to Other Moms?

* I'd forgotten that The Amazing Race did a couple of challenges in Prague.

* The difference between "imposing" and "leaning on each other." For the record, I approve of Lenore and her Free-Range philosophies. Not that my approval matters, mind. 

* I also approve of patterns named after Madeleine L'Engle characters.

* Two plugs: Creative Sewing Service and help Katie and Lisa Build a Forest.

* Eight small investments that would help the planet most.



You have tempted me into buying a Salad Shooter. I cannot believe I just typed those words.

The Salad Shooter was teh awesome!!! Be not ashamed.

I just started Sweater Quest, already love the into!

I think the moms lying thing happens even more as the kids get older. Everyone's children are always fabulously successful. It gets a little old and worn out.

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