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shameless self-promotion, 344 in a series + a recommendation and a picture

The shameless self-promo: A review of Scott Phillips' Rut from Locus. Most of the columns I write for Locus the magazine aren't online - so I thought I'd link to one that is. Also, I find the concept of this book's publication fascinating. 

The recommendation: Go get yourself a copy of Jo Walton's Among Others and read it. I am over the moon about this book. I'd like to say more but a) I can't think of enough superlatives and b) I can't fully describe it, for reasons you'll understand once you read it. Which you should do.

The picture: Deb at The Woolery sent some pictures along from my trip there. They were a lovely memento for a lovely trip. This one, however, gave me pause. What the heck were we doing?



Any guesses?


It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right...

Hula dancing.

A rendition of "Let's Get Together" from The Parent Trap. The original one. Not the horrible one with Lindsay Lohan.

I just kindled Jo Walton's book:)

definitely looks like Hula to me.

Yarn Hula. Or "Put your whole self in...put your whole self out" I think this photo captured the moment of "put your whole self in, and shake it all about!"

Looks like a right leaning increase, and a left leaning one. Oooo, interpretive lace dancing!

preparing for your new careers as hand models or breast honkers.

Deb, "I will take all the yarn on this side of the store."
Adrienne, "And I will take all the yarn on that side of the store. But what should we do with all that yarn behind us?"

Kicking imaginary butt in slow motion (tai chi).

Looks like the yarn store version of "Putting On The Ritz" to me!

Pantomiming how to wind yarn without a ball winder.

Just got Jo Walton's book from the library. Can't wait!

Tap dancing, definitely tap dancing.
"Tea for two and two for tea..."

I haven't got a clue, and I was there for most of that afternoon. Darn....obviously I missed some of the fun!

Yep, the hula. But I think one of you was out of sync. Just requested Among Others from my library.

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