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You know how every now and again every last thing you try to do ends up taking 40 percent longer than anticipated? That would be today. Therefore, this post, which isn't the one I'd intended but there isn't enough light to take a picture and it would take 3 hours to upload it anyway. And since I have to take the kids to swimming lessons in about 40 minutes, that would be a problem.

So - some brief, picture-less thoughts:

- Thanks so much for the comments on the podcast. I will work on the echo and the formality. Yes, my anxiety about the whole process comes through but I hope to loosen up over time. Or I'll just start doing shots of tequila beforehand. Whichever.

- Thanks, too, for the comments on bathrooms. It's enough to make one never want to travel ever again. Ever.

- I'm going to send out a newsletter by the end of the week, so if'n you want one in your in-box, sign up here.

- While my love for James Franco remains undiminished, he should not ever consider taking the Oscar hosting job ever again. And pink is not his color.

- Courtesy of Juno, your word for the day. You're welcome.


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