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qotd, weep for the Pomeranians

"Ah," she said. "Well, there's no way to put this delicately. I gelded him myself a couple of days ago. But an un-neutered boar needs to ejaculate at least twice a day to remain healthy. And this fellow, not being neutered, was trying to meet his ejaculatory needs with whatever came to hand. Mostly the Pomeranians. And the family, well, they really hadn't bargained for that." 

-- Neil Gaiman, in a blog post about near lethal rains of walnuts that ranks up there with some of the best that he's written - and he's written a lot of great stuff.

(Quick reminder: If you're in the Syracuse area, I'd love to see you tomorrow afternoon at the Onondaga Free Library.)


LMAO. Thanks for the big smile!

Onondaga. Now there's a word I don't think I've heard since I lived in Syracuse.

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