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The next installment of the Sweater Quest podcast is now live. This time, there's an added bonus if you listen until the very end. Also, this time, there are no sounds of distant cats howling. Go here for Chapter 1.1.

Coincidentally, this showed up in the mail at the start of the week:


Its origin story is here. What Susette doesn't tell you is how weighty it feels in one's hands. I have such a big love for letterpress.

As usual, holler with question and comments on the 'cast. I am still learning.


That is gorgeous in many ways. :)

Link to the podcast is not working? Looking forward to hearing it!

Yes, none of the links on the podcast page seem to be working.

Hrm. It's working for me. Which browser are you using?

Can't wait to hear your podcast & happy you liked the paper (& ink) product. So glad to know about Museum Facsimiles. Lovely, lovely card--thank you so much!

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