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My hopeful cross stitch project from yesterday brought us 16 inches of snow overnight on Sunday into Monday. Sigh. And, additionally, feh.

The many things:

* The death of Mercury (the element, not the planet.) And not so much "death" as the end of its easy availability.

* The evolution of our thoughts about the Mid-East.

* This doesn't surprise me at all.

* Another example of why I love Chris Thile.

* New Steven Brust

* I have to eat Jimmy Fallon's ice cream.

* Book tour tips. (HT to Doula K.)

* What might have been Henry VIII's real problem.

* Joe Manning's quest.

* My new favorite "game."

* Nutella meringues. Yum.

* The Wait Wait guys are producing another podcast: How to Do Everything. It's amusing as, well, something very amusing. But the knitters should pay particular attention to the second segment of the second episode, the bit about money. Anyone know who she is?

* Katie Granju is laying out every detail of what happened to her son, Henry Granju, in the hopes that it will get the Knox Country Sheriff's Office to actually do its job. The KCSO is one of the reasons why I'm happy I no longer live there...


Kt Baldassaro - her patterns are on Ravelry. She designs for Feza yarns.

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