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shameless self-promotion, 346 in a series + some flowers

The shameless promo: How the Boy might be Harpo Marx reincarnated and the local bingo scene.

Also, over the last two weeks, I seem to have started and finished this:


It's Cedar Hill's "Sweet Violets," which I bought as a kit at Frame of Mind in Rochester. (I actually wanted the one with the Poppies but am easily distracted.) I found it while airing the stash and decided I needed to work on something springish. Since the kids weren't around for a week and Downton Abbey was streaming, the work went quickly. Now to have it framed.

My hope was that it would bring spring with it. No such luck. Feh.


*Benjamin Patton took some fine pictures, eh?


Interestingly, when I look back at my own childhood, 3rd grade is when I remember all the girl relationship traumas.

In kindergarden everything went well socially, as far as I can remember, in first grade I was teacher's pet and struggled with "no-one likes me." I also found out I could REALLY dislike a particular person (intensely, a feeling that lasted for at least 7 years).

2nd grade is when I learned to read independently - and I remember NO social issues that year (can't have social issues if yor head is always stuck in a book and aren't ever social), but I do remember throwing up in the classroom trash can at Halloween.

But 3rd grade stands out as the year I tried to understand girls - my own sex. And found out that they can be unbeleivably mean (and that I could be unbelievably gullible). Interestingly 4th - 6th grade was less painful (as far as dealing with girls is concerned) as I mostly decided to make friends with the other "outsider" girls (or just play with the boys) and blow the mean girls off.

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