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Sweater Quest: The Podcast + guilty

Chapter two is now alive - or, rather, will be, once libsyn does something mysterious to the file, which should happen by 6 p.m. today. It will be here.

I also started a new sweater:


And in the time it took me take that picture, walk back upstairs and connect my camera to the computer, someone broke into my knitting bag and stole one of the balls of yarn in order to munch on its delicious Lavold silky woolness. 

One of these two has to be the culprit:


Suspect A. Note his disdain.


Subject B: Note his feigned cluelessness.

Any guesses?


I'm going with suspect A. Looks really guilty.

Have you seen the You Tube video of Denver, the guilty dog?
I think Greg has a put-on look of innocense, which could imply guilt. :-)

Thought you would enjoy this tidbit, was listening to your podcast and had to turn the volume up because my orange fat cat was snoring so loud I couldn't hear it.

At least The Boy isn't under suspicion.

Partners in crime.

Subject B has the same look Bella gets when she's done something she shouldn't, so I'm going with him.

(crap. I had a post written and hit the wrong key.) Cats, being cats, are cats and in being cats, will rule the world. Nuff said. Deal, say they.

Oh, definitely Suspect B. Check his claws for DNA.

The correct answer was suspect B, who came running to me with the yarn in his mouth to show me what he'd found. There was then a merry chase. He was merry, at least.

Suspect B couldn't be arsed to get out of the Boy's bed, hence the "you woke me up for this?" glare.

And our orange fat cat snores like a chainsaw, too.

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