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a couple of things, mostly unrelated to each other

* After my next run, I will have "graduated" from the Couch-to-5K program, which really just means that I'll continue to run and try to increase my speed/endurance. But, dudes, I never, ever thought I would become a runner. Never, ever. But here I am, running 30 minutes at a time and not dying. In fact, after the obligatory first few minutes of trying to convince myself that I don't feel well enough to run and the obligatory last few minutes of thinking I'd really like to sit down, I've achieve that runners qvell over. I feel...good. All of the stuff that's been bugging me, like the asshats who write in to the local paper, just goes away. Amazing.

For the locals, I'm planning to do the Jill E. Mattice Memorial Run on June 11. Anyone want to join me?

* Our next door neighbor, who is otherwise delightful, is convinced there is a big mean possum living under our back deck. I'm willing to play along, even though I don't believe in this possum, and we've had a human trap in the backyard for a few days. We've caught a raccoon, who just looked with us as if saying, "really? Again with the cage?" No possum, tho. The downside is that we've had to keep Barney, the mighty hunter inside. We caved this morning and let him out. How long until I have to free him from the trap, you reckon?

(ETA: This is not the trap that's being used.)

* I'll be making a quick trip into NYC this weekend for mostly work-related reasons. I've had the biggest craving for dumplings and/or potstickers. Any lunch recommendations? 

* Lastly, a gratuitous cat picture:


It's a shame he's so uncomfortable.


I've started C25K twice now. Unfortunately the couch keeps beckoning. My niece wants the family to run a 5K together, so I'll keep trying. But wow that went by fast. I remember when you started like it was yesterday.

Glad to hear you succeeded with C25K. It's on my list of goals for this year!


I've started back up with my walking regimen, which it's as far as it's gotten. But I *do* love it.

Never could stand jogging/running. Frankly, hated the jostling-boob feeling.

Okay. Confession time. We have had a possum hanging around our house for years. We don't like her...she looks like a giant rat. Anyway, it took us a couple of years to find her entry (yes entry into the house) hole and get it boarded up. Meanwhile, (we thought she was a squirrel because we never saw her) she entered my sitting room, got up on my loveseat where my quilted purse was sitting, digged an orange-sized whole in the love seat, got into my purse and stole my Tide Pen, lip gloss, cell phone, Post-It pad in a holder, and another item I can't remember. No one believed me until we located the entry hole. My grandson was working under the kitchen sink two years later and said, "Hey! There's a cell phone under here!" She seemed to stick around for the dry cat food. Oh! One problem with letting the cat catch her... a visiting cat snapped at her and got a hamburger-bite taken out of his left throat. A neighbor took him for surgery and he came back and got one on the right side. My own cats just sit still while she eats. Haven't seen her lately, but the last time she passed through she had a remarkedly spotless coat and moist lips!

Notwithstanding Heidi's terrifying, awful story, so what if there IS a possum under the back deck? Why does it need trapping? Believe me, I hate possums as much as the next gal, but I'm inclined to think they have as much right to roam through our yards as any other foul critter.

Also: "human trap" made me giggle.

I couldn't care less about the phantom possum, frankly, and am going along for the sake of neighborly harmony.

And, Susie, I may never sleep again.

Ooops, I clearly meant "Susie's terrifying, awful story." I am maybe not so bright.

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