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* First thing - If you should find yourself in Endicott, NY, I'll be signing books and showing off Lana at the Writer's Luncheon on Saturday. Proceeds will benefit the Samaritan Counseling Center. Please come on out if you can.

* Second thing - I've been knitting on my Slinky Ribs.


The wet weather (but not as wet as the Southland saw. Hope you are warm and safe.) and lousy light makes photography challenging. How about this shot, which makes me look much thinner than I am, thanks to the placement of my arm.


So far, so good, eh? The next challenge is to pick-up for sleeves, which should open up the shoulder area ribs in a more pleasing way. I'm going with long sleeves. Despite the most recent weather here, short sleeves are silly for a sweater in upstate NY. 

Third - for those wondering about our elderly cat Trout, he's still hanging on, as evidenced by this picture that I just took.


He seems to be in zero discomfort so we muddle on.

McGregor also seems to be in zero discomfort.



Everyone should know at least one pose and angle that makes them look thinner than they really are.

Ade, one day I need to come up there with my camera. BTW, the window light is perfect light!

Walt - you do realize that I take crappy pictures simply to lure you (and your fam) up here, yes?

Heidi - I learned that pose from Tina Fey, who suggested turning your body into as many angular poses as you can.

Glad Trout is hanging on. Every extra day is a gift.

What yarn are you using for Slinky Ribs?

The last time I was in Endicott--more than a decade ago, there was a nice cross-stitch shop called Stitchery Row on the main street (Washington Ave.) Not sure if it's still there. Have fun!

The yarn is Lavold's Silky Wool. And I'll keep an eye out for the shop.

oooo! it looks great on you!

Thanks, Steven. It's working out nicely.

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