there's too much. I'll sum up.
up with figs, anger management

many things make a post

* This is almost too painful to look at.

* I will be sleeping with one eye open from now on.

* All science stories should be this lucid. (Note: do not read while eating an egg salad sandwich.)

* I want one. Seriously. Dude made scale-model tie-line. That's dedication.

* This test is messing with my mind.

* Speaking of messing with my mind, "Einstein's Pedometer."

* I wish I'd "done the month" but can see how it could be more harrowing that not doing it. 

* Heh.

* We're still fighting the Civil War.

* Now I have to figure out which book to drop.


Muppets theatre authenticity and effort! Holy Cow!

That test was cool, but, yes, mind-warping. Naturally, I passed it on to Joe.

Was that test supposed to make sense? :(

What WAS that test thing?

That test seemed totally normal until about halfway through. I really needed a none of the above answer! But fortunately I am stable and dependable and show that I care through my actions. So I guess I guess right.

Also, was hair still that big in 1990? I'd glossed over that part.

Am I a weirdo? I liked the test!

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