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many things make a post

* I'd like to see Food Stamped when it comes out.

* Michael Palin's advice to would-be diarists.

* For the Amazing Race fans.

* He's got such a supple wrist.

* The housewives tarot.

* Jody Rosen says what I've been saying for years about Britney Spears.

* On Bossypants, a book that I might have to own. 

* How to steal like an artist.

* I'm debating about knitting a Lanesplitter. I love Noro but am not a big wearer of skirts. Thoughts?

* Lev Grossman on David Foster Wallace's last works.

* Where children sleep.

* For when you're having an Emo Pony kind of day.

* I don't often get to say this about a Vanity Fair writer but, dude, I went to college with one Max Potter, who has a piece in this month's Vanity Fair.


In my experience, knit skirts are hard to pull off. They tend to accentuate things that I don't want accentuated. When I look at pictures of others in them, they seem to look best on skinny chicks. YMMV.

How about knitting one for the Diva. That would be a LOT less knitting.

Home with a broken ankle and you are keeping me very entertained! So glad i found your blog!

<3 Tina Fey, man hands and all.

Have you really been saying that about Britney Spears? I gotta start listening better.

And, whoa ... Kentucky. What is up with that place?

I firmly believe that Spears is the Keanu Reeves of the music industry, in that you can hang almost anything on her blankness as long as you don't fight it.

Sorry about the ankle, cj. Happy to help.

I could knit one for the Diva but she'd never, ever wear it, simply because I knit it.

Are you saying I'm not a skinny chick, T? ;)

And, yes, big love for ms Fey.


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