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* In other news, I'd planned to show off a freshly mulched flower bed, which is about the only gardening chore I can do before our last frost date in May. The rain, however, had other ideas about my outdoor productivity. And to the rain I say, well done and pass another cup of tea.

* Vegetarians and observant Jews should look away from this next picture.


I'm not one to celebrate the ham, mostly because mine, while good, are usually mostly okay. On Sunday however, I made a really fine looking and tasting ham and took a picture for posterity. Yum.

We spent the weekend nodding in the general direction of Easter, what with egg dying and egg hunting. It's hard to really get into the spirit of the holiday when you aren't at all religious. Around here, it's also hard to celebrate Spring when you still need your winter coat.

But, still, any holiday with candy (and ham) can't be all bad. 


Your description of Easter reminds me a late-April Easter in 1965 when my hometown of Sidney, NY was covered in a foot of snow. The joys of an upstate NY childhood!

Easter, for the first time in my lifetime, fell on my birthday. I went out for Chinese instead of making ham.

That's an awesome ham.

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