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From this weekend's almost-daily: I puttered.

One of the reasons I'm so very behind today - and, lordy, so behind - is that I was in Lodi, NY, on Saturday to work on a story for Edible Finger Lakes. On the drive back, as I was coming through Ithaca so that I could go to Wegman's, the one true grocery, I spotted this bumper sticker:


(click to embiggen)

It's a sticker that only those who pre-ordered their copy of The Pale King the instant it was for sale will get, I suspect. But it made my heart do a funny little thing in my chest. 

And your daily dose of cat. 



I love the effect the black has on his nose; looks like he has squished his nose up against the glass. Now, if that were Walter and the window had a screen, he would be hanging on it. Fortunately for you...

Wait... you have a cat named Walter?

I think Anne has a cat named Walter. My cats are named Trout, McGregor and the Barnacle. They could also be a great 1970s band.

Or, a legal firm. "Injured in an accident? Call Trout, McGregor & Barnacle. We don't get paid unless you do!"

Great column. :)

I loved Kate's comment. Prob for me... I can't read the bumper sticker! What's it say?

It says "I am in here." It's a line from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

And thanks.

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