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Sweater Quest: The Podcast + this day

First - Sweater Quest: Chapter 3 is now available in podcast form here. In the first ten minutes, you will hear a loud crash. The source of the crash is one orange cat who managed to drag a manila envelope full of yarn off of my printer and onto the floor, taking with him everything else on that side of the desk, because he is the personification of grace.

Also, this is the chart to which I refer:


Second - today marks the first day of my 40s. So far, it has been pretty good. It started with a brisk 2.5 mile run (yes, run! I'm stunned, too) in which I expended a lot of energy to stay in one place. Then some errands. Then the work I absolutely had to get done today. Then a pedicure, where I had my toenails painted a lovely spring green, in the hopes that it might be spring soon. Now my plan is to ignore all of the stuff that I ought to do - because I am now 40 and feel it is my right - and will go knit and watch both America's Next Top Model and Bethenny Ever After. Real reality can wait until tomorrow.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

OH! Wishing you a very happy birthday today!

From experience let me say that 40 and 40+ is WONDERFUL. 50 is great too, because your shoes don't have to match anymore...not even each other! Who cares. Now, 53 seems to be the new 40. Things begin to fall apart, or off, or leak, or dry up. Just know that you'll have a great 40 and 50 too. Happy, Happy BD!!!

60 isn't too bad either! Happy birthday, and thanks for all you have given the world! Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday..
I turned 50 in February of this year and have to agree with Susie...It aint bad ;)

Happy Birthday!

At 63, I still feel 36 (It's my theory that we remain 36 in our minds all our lives -- the body just doesn't know it. That explains some of our questionable fashion choices!) 63 is still great, although I seem to have a doctor for every body part! And as I said, some of my fashion choices are ummm... let's say... "artistic".

Congrats on the birthday and the run!!!

Oh. Adrienne, I am so sorry I missed your birthday...hope it was a happy one. I passed that milestone seven years ago; ahem. I look at your sweater, look at your sweater and think that when I finish this project and that project and this one; that I will become very serious about trying this. My first project in FI will be a hat knit flat so I can pattern my brain to two-strand/two handed knitting. I have a friend who has an Alice Starmore book that I am trying to convince her she should gift it to me. She tried and failed and has never tried again.

Happy belated birthday! This will teach me to put off catching up on the blogroll. I hope you had a wonderful day and all the best in the year to come!

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