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actual knitting content + road trip

I promised myself a 40th birthday trip, back when I turned 40. What with one thing and then a semester then a remarkably bleh* couple of months, I never did managed to get out of Dodge.**

Then I noticed that Chris Thile and Michael Daves, both of whom I adore, were playing in Portland, Maine just after classes ended. And so a plan was hatched. 

Some of the things I'd planned for the trip didn't quite work out; some did. The show remained on. Yesterday, I left the kids and the husband and the bleh behind and hit the road.

The guilt was nearly crushing, frankly. Still, the time spent staring at the traffic in front of me, having nothing much to do but get to Portland by 8 p.m. was a nice change from the constant busyness of my life. It was nice to not talk or write or think, really, for a whole five hours. Alone, but not lonely.

Which was why, when I was walking out of a rest stop with a coffee and walked nearly into Thile and Daves as they were coming out of the men's room, I was at a complete loss for what to say. I didn't even manage to take a picture. I did, however, manage to burble out that I was coming to the show. It was a moment of great awkwardness and wonderfulness.***

And the show? Incredible. Words fail. It's a privilege to watch two people do something that they live to do. Recordings really can't capture the nuance and energy. One of the things I miss about living in a larger town is live music (that isn't a college bar band).

Today I'll head further up the coast to visit the Doula Quinn and her family. Then off to hook up with my family in Western Mass. for the weekend. It's been a nice break.

Oh - and the tourist map of Portland the hotel gave me had three yarn shops on it, all within a four block radius. Way to have your priorities in order, Portland. I tip my needles to you.

Speaking of -

A quick round-up of actual knitting, which I accidentally left at home:

The Slinky Ribs sweater now has one sleeve:


This one sleeve sucked up as much time as the body of the sweater did. Stupid, stupid sleeves. Also, the sleeve is too short; I'll have to pick out the bind off row and keep working. This is entirely my fault, however, and sprung from what was going to be a yarn shortage. Another ball in the same dye lot was acquired and all will be well. Except for having to do more knitting on this one dang sleeve. That's just annoying.

I also seem to have started a scarf:


Do I need a scarf? No. Do I know anyone who needs a scarf? Again, no. Yet here we are.

Ah, Noro. I can't quit you.


* Not bad, mind. Just bleh.

** Or its upstate equivalent.

*** They were driving a red minivan, btw. Which tickles me.


i find that scarves are my default project. or hats, neither of which i or anyone else i know has need. and hooray for on-the-road-ness!

Don't trust that map! My mother and I tried to find them all but only located the two on Congress Street. That's where she bought that super chunky yarn that became a cowl that she abandoned when she moved to Florida. (Don't let any old ladies buy you yarn!)

I'm also knitting a Noro scarf at the moment. Don't need it either but, you know, Noro!

Those scarves are like potato chips. I may or may not have a stupid amount of Silk Garden in my stash, waiting to be used for that very purpose.

Should've check in with the Allegheny folk while you were in Portland. Laura Stevens--whom you likely remember--lives there. She's been there for a long time now. Bill Allen lives up that way, too. (I think you met Bill once or 2x. He was a theatre major who graduated the year before I did. He visited AC a few times, including seeing Princess Ida. Wouldn't expect you to remember him, though.)

Ah, the Noro scarf. Addicting.

Dibs on the scarf. If it works that way. : )

it just might work that way. Let me finish it, first.

My trip through Portland was speedy. I totally remember Laura - not so much Bill Allen. I don't remember Ida in general, fwiw. But that was just a lost weekend in general.

Glad I'm not alone in my Noro love. I also have a stupid amount of it - which is one of the reasons I didn't even bother to look for the yarn shops. I'm full up on yarn right now.

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