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No "many things" post today. All apologies. I promise that next week's will be extra super fantastic. You won't be able to handle the glee. Or something like that.

When we last spoke, I was in Maine. The Featureless Saint and I have a long standing argument* about whether or not the ideal beach is full of great and glorious rocks. I am pro. He is con. Tell me who is right:




Rocks and beaches are like "hot" and "chocolate." You can have one without the other - but they are so much better together.

On the way home, the rest of the family and I met up in the Berkshires, where we spent the holiday weekend, which mainly involved flinging the kids in various pools because it has suddenly heated right up here. But, as luck would have it (and I never would have put it together had my MIL not mentioned it), last weekend was the weekend of the MA Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Cummington) and we were so very close that it would have been a shame to miss it.**

And so we went:


Who's a handsome boy? You are.


Bob Marley reincarnated?



The Diva wanted a bunny in the Worst Way. We are mean.


The Boy reached his fill of sheep and/or wool early in the afternoon. Here he is near the sheepdog trials. The sheep are those used in the trials; the Boy is playing on my iTouch, because why be in nature if you have no electronic device.


He did rally eventually and made some knitting needles...

.... while the Diva learned how to weave. (And while I might have snuck off to make a purchase - more on that later.)

Compared to NY Sheep and Wool (aka Rhinebeck), this festival is cute and quaint. But in terms of being able to move around and relax, it is a keeper. 

After the past few weeks of non-stop movement, both the husband and I intend to go nowhere for as long as we can. There is no argument about that.


* The other long standing argument involves Christmas lights.

** This may be the start of another, so to be long standing argument.


A (very) few (very) decorative rocks add a lot to a beach, but a beach full of big rocks is not very much fun for me or my smallish dogs.

A rocky beach is scenic and picturesquee and all, but it is tough to lie down and enjoy some sun on it and it almost invariably means really cold water.

It really depends on why you're going to the beach. If you're going to walk around and get some scenery and not swim, then rocks and climbing around on them would be my preference. If you're going to the beach to use it for relaxing and swimming, then I'm going with sand.

The Diva is not alone. Fiber festivals always make me want a bunny.

For swimming or floating on an air mattress: sand. For picturesque photography: rocks.

Um, I believe that sheep is the, er, wrong color for Bob Marley?

I grew up on rocky beaches, but my recent vacation has certainly upped the ante on *actually being able to walk right into the water*. Yup, a lot to be said for that. (I'm pretty sure all those days on the beach in NH left me with blue feet by the end of the summer.)

Rabbits aren't an easy pet. They require a lot of care--as much as a dog, though you don't have to walk them. Rabbits don't like being cuddled. That should help dash the diva's dreams.

Definitely rocky beaches and colored Christmas lights.

Rocky beaches are lovely for pictures and walks, but for relaxing and sunning, sandy beaches are the best.

Rocky beaches :) (Colored Christmas lights are o.k. as long as they don't blink.)

But I'm not a sitter - I like walking on beaches and swimming (out past any rocks). For kids, nooks and crannies are great for exploring. (Unless they are into sand castles.)

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