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many things make a post

* I might have to break out the ancestral pasta machine since Ruhlman makes it look so easy to make the dough.

* It's tough out there for a toddler.

* The science of cheese. Mmmmmm. Cheese.

* The symptoms of Celiac are vast and wide. The Diva got lucky, in that it only took a couple of months to figure out what was going on with her. Most diagnoses take years, simply because the symptoms are so vast and wide. You are your own best advocate. The benefits of finding out, however, are enormous.

* Mme de la Migraine. (And all of her art is gorgs.)

* What I find most astounding about the Flash Mob on my campus is not that it happened but that it is not raining or snowing.

* It's not so much "global warming" as "global weirding."

* Mini-quote from a great essay about depression: "I knew that if anyone other than me was describing these symptoms I would lovingly handcuff them and take them to the hospital and help the shit out of them, whether they liked it or not. "

* Go see Jomama.

* Rich says what I've been thinking about Henry Granju's case. (I also think there's a drugs in high places angle, too. But that's less damning than pedophilia and/or sex with barely legal boys.)

* Welcome back to Bordertown.


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