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The Situation has his own Grammar.

* A baking project that is also all about space.

* Add this to the list of things that are good to know.

* In case you've ever found yourself wondering, "What ever happened to Boy Meets World's Rider Strong."

* Scientists discover what those of us with allergies have long suspected.

* Some SUCO students (and their rocks) make the cover of Time.

* Things I never thought I'd say: I'd really like to see this musical about yeast.

* In case your day needed a little joy.



The depression/allergy thing is interesting. The serotonin connection is nice and all, but I wish scientists would also consider that 1) one cannot think straight, let alone be happy, when breathing is impaired (brains need oxygen as well as serotonin). 2) It sucks to have a drippy nose, stuffy head and itchy eyes.

You linked to one of Heather's reviews in Bookslut! She has a blog,, that I read. She used to knit a lot but is now going to grad school in addition to working full time, so the knitting has fallen by the wayside. As I read the review the writing style seemed vaguely familiar so I scrolled back up to the top and there was her name! Small world, even (especially?) on the internet...

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