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* Thanks so much to Trumpet Hill, Robena, Celeste and all the knitters who wandered out on such a gray day. A fine time was had by all, I think, and I can't wait to go back. Which I will, whether they want me to or not.

* I'm having a music crisis and need your help. Most of what I listen to is either bluegrass-based or ten years old, because having kids really put a crimp in how much attention I have leftover for chasing down music. What I need are songs that are poppy and/or rocky and/or hip-hoppy that would be good for running to. Any suggestions?

* And, lastly, on Sunday, we went to the HaSu Ranch's alpaca sheering day, as we do each year.

Here's the before:




I love how their ears are used as handles. The alpacas are OK, by the way. No one appears to be in mortal distress, just resigned.






All naked and pink. hee!

um. I love anything with a good beat. so OK-GO, Mucca Pazza, Balan Beat Box, Beats Antique...

Two words for running music: Lady Gaga...

I'm a fan of M.I.A., Le Tigre, and various riot grrrl bands. Angst-y, female driven music motivates me like nothing else.

i bike and like music that helps me keep a pedal cadence (i imagine running would be the same). 70s classic rock and U2 work perfectly for me. i also love 80s pop. and bruce springsteen, who kinda falls into both categories.

I run indoors and if you do likewise, it works to watch a movie in which people are running away from evil things that wish to kill them. Really gets the blood pumping. The beginning of 24 weeks later is especially good for this.

or rather 28 weeks later

Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Or, if you really feel like getting amped, Girl Talk.

Wow, the "after" neck is ridiculous! It can't possibly be strong enough to hold the head up.

i went by them yesterday! they are too funny

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